AZGo & Smart Go

AZGo Car

Along with the best quality of service, we link many reputable taxi and driver companies, you will add more options to your trip.

AZGo Pay

Diverse payment methods (Cash, Card payment, E-wallet, ...) and with only one AZGo card you can pay for all services on AZGo and you can earn points through each payment times.

AZGo Protection

AZGo protect you on every ride with insurance package AZGo Protection With many benefits for you to feel secure on every journey with the driver AZGo

Why choose AZGo

Unleash Full Potential for Your Business

Discover the only end-to-end platform with the power to transform your company. Our cloud-based multi-enterprise solutions help you efficiently bring goods to market, win in the face of disruptions and gain a complete step change in performance.

Fully Understand What’s Going On—and Act

Confidently orchestrate success with a collaborative, unified platform powered by field-proven artificial intelligence (AI), real-time data from a vast global network and best-in-class applications. Gain agility, resiliency and efficiency for strategic decision-making and execution.

Great features

Supply management

Streamline and manage direct sourcing and procurement for all supply tiers with unmatched visibility, control and collaboration.

Channel shaping

Unlock the potential of all your channels and take performance to the next level. Smarter Channel Management® brings results.

Demand sensing

Rely on real-time demand signals that reflect what’s actually happening in your supply chain—not what you hope will happen.

Business planing

Take the next step forward to better plan your business, wherever you are in your journey to supply chain transformation.

Global Trade management

Export and import with confidence. Reduce the cost of goods sold by leveraging trade agreements and duty savings programs.

Transportation and Logistics

Unparalleled agility and visibility across ocean, air , rail, and road help you provide superior customer services.

Collaborative and Manufacturing

Manage outsourced or acquisition-related manufacturing with the same visibility and control as you have for internal operations.

Easy to use

Step 1: Download the application

Download the AZGo app for free from App Store or Google Play on your smartphone. Open the app to get started.

Step 2: Book a car

Enter your destination and select a vehicle type option. You will always see prices up front and the time the driver will pick you up.

Step 3: Trip

You will see photos and details of the driver's vehicle and be able to track the driver's appearance the car you are riding on the map.